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About Us

Befrienders Highland is a registered charity employing a small core staff of 7 (2 full time staff and 5 part-time). The direction and management of Befrienders Highland are guided by a board of Directors and the Executive Director. We also work with an ever increasing number of volunteers, all of whom give their time, efforts and kindness selflessly and without whom Befrienders Highland would not be the success it is nor would we able to offer the services we do.




Keith Walker

Executive Director



Rebecca Wallace    




Sally Mackintosh    

Mental Health Coordinator and Fundraiser




Alan Duncan        

Mental Health Coordinator (Inverness & Nairn) and Groups Coordinator



Alison Campbell    

Mental Health Coordinator (Inverness)



Liz Tufnell                  

Memory Services adn Carer Services Coordinator & Mental Health Coordinator (Nairn)



Carol Summers        

Memory Services and Carer Services Coordinator




Chairman and Director - David Stallard

Secretary & Director - Nick Curley

Treasurer - Scott Aide 

Director- Jane Macdonald

Director - Shane Spence